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Recently, I've got access to three N900 in ideal condition, that I would like to land in hands of fellow Maemo users. I've personally reinforced (soldered down to motherboard) USB port in those devices, as per:

Every device is used, but in very good+/ideal condition (protector foil on screen, intact keyboard, only small scratches on plastic body - if any... + mandatory "sliding" scratches on left and right from keyboard), and I've checked their technical side as thoroughly as I was able (Health-check for sensor readings, screen for bad pixels, etc etc) - everything seems fine.

To my best knowledge, they were never overclocked (seems to be owned by "lame" users - not reflashed before sale, some personal data left behind - that I've cleared, of course - no kernel-power or CSSU installed). All are revision 2101.

All standard accessory included, but only few first have box. All come from Polish distribution and are perfectly legal (IMEI not registered as stolen, and I've bought them from reliable supplier).

I'm willing to send them anywhere in the world, but buyer pays shipping costs.

If anyone is interested, please write here. I think it's good occasion, especially considering reinforced USB port.


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