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I wonder if Nokia will reply to kernel sources request. I know it's not manufactured by them, but still... Otherwise your best bet is to look for devices with the same SoC (Intel Atom Z3580 - Moorefield). For example, I found Dell Venue 8 7840 - Core hardware should work, but no idea what else will and what not. You can contact me in IRC if you want to do some tinkering.

Please confirm if it's Onda V820w or Onda V820W CH and what revision (look for serial number at the back side). And yes, you can't flash original Jolla Tablet image via fastboot. Hardware is still a little different.

Booting off microSD isn't a requirement, you can install it into NAND like a general Linux distro (except partitioning/copying files needs to be done manually), it's just more safe to start from. I have it in NAND on mine.
sn is P820DBG2V5A02794, what does that mean?^^