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Originally Posted by Zeta View Post
Just tested it for two minutes without any crash !

So it works on the Jolla 1 with this style.

So the crash we had before could be related to GPU memory exhaustion when using the full style, or that there are some gl calls not done in this simplified style ?
This is strange. I also wonder why statically linked c++ library resulted in a crash? Note that I had dynamic linking in the original demo version.

Maybe we should try to make the same test using just QML component. I'll make a simple QML app that would display the same map. I wonder if static linking would again be a problem...

I have opened a new thread with the announcement of Mapbox GL QML plugin at since I think its ready now for the development. Should we move our debugging discussion over there?

Edit: QML-only demo is at . You would need the both QML files in this directory and just to run

qmlscene mapbox-gl-qml.qml

when they are on device

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