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Clean install a week -10 days ago, but i have installed PC Suite, Nokia Suite installed just fine, detected the phone, and treats it just fine. It is slow to sync, but works, doesn't show contact names, and, i cant figure out how to sort messages by number (or even better, contact) but it has a working conversation log, which is nice.

Ok, so my weird experiences continue. After installing Nokia Suite, PC Suite works, is blazing fast, all as i wanted it to be from the get go.
New driver?

Second Edit
Actually.. Something is still weird. It will only let me see conversations that have been active in the last few days. Not entirely certain if the conversation with a few MMS in them breaks the software and it stops looking past that, but it contains older, non MMS messages in that conversation.
Even weirder... PC Suite shows the exact same messages, and also nothing older.
Never had that happen before. Persists over reboots of both the PC, and the phone.

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