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Originally Posted by AapoRantalainen View Post
There are now parser v37 in github, and version for maemo/meego:
Seems it works.
I seem to be having difficulties installing the maemo version of these to my N900. I get dpkg error that the deb contains "ununderstood" data member data.tar.xz. I suspect that this is because Aapo has newer dpkg in his system than I do, and my dpkg (I'm on CSSU-Thumb) expects to have data.tar.gz as there is normally in Maemo debs.

Is there easy way for me to repackage the deb or is it possible that someone with the necessary tools installed could do it for me. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Fuggedaboutit. I found out that there is a version in the Extras-Devel that has the right packaging. Got it from there. Now happily cacheing again. Thanks.

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