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I didn't see anyone mentioning it earlier, so I'll do it:

Jolla has introduced two pages with the status of SailfishOS development:

Sailfish OS Roadmap

General information about upcoming features and products.

Development Roadmap

Detailed plans on Sailfish OS development, by category, month by month. It includes information about the status of each feature (not implemented/implemented/released).

Here is the page saved into the Wayback machine. If you notice any changes, please save it again, so we can follow the progress.

There are some very interesting plans ahead. Some examples that were the most interesting to me:

  • Intel support for Android runtime along with upgrade to version 4.4.4 (February)
  • Flattr support in Jolla Harbour (February) (*)
  • User settings to control Android runtime environment (March)
  • Split screen views within an app (Q3), (**)
  • Album support in Gallery app (Q3)
  • Investigate WiDi/Miracast on the Tablet (Q3)
  • Allow retaining user data when the user resets the device to factory defaults (Q3)
  • UPNP/DLNA integration (Q3)

There are some very exciting plans, but I am a bit sceptical about these two:
(*) - I don't think it's wise to go the Flattr way, as it will probably mean no cut for Jolla from running the store.
(**) - I hoped split screen view within an app would be ready for the tablet launch, as it is the only imaginable way how to seamlessly adapt phone apps to the tablet form (attached page on phone, visible on tablet).

Enjoy the reading

PS: I hate making new threads, but I couldn't find any appropriate thread for such an long-time info (no "update 11/12/13..." thread would do).

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