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Well I think there won't even be Apple as a competitor due to their low volume and bad decisions. So it won't be a duopoly it will just be Android. So some sort of competitor is needed. Ios and Windows phone don't provide serious competition, Tizen is our best shot at this. Android has 85% market share, something needs to keep it from reaching 100% and Tizen is our best shot.
Apple has always been a low volume, high margin producer. Even with their low volume they scrape off a large fraction of all profit made from mobile phones ( I agree that Apple hasn't done anything exciting since Jobs' death, and I think Tim Cook has all the imagination of a sea cucumber, but iOS is a long, long way from dying out.

If iOS were to fade away, why do you think Tizen would be successful, rather than Windoze Mobile (or whatever the hell they call it this week)? Tizen is clearly Samsung's baby, why would other manufacturers jump aboard? Microsoft would probably be happy to provide its OS to manufacturers without competing with them in the hardware sector.

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