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There are people still, who are grateful for your care of the "old" devices (and "old" is a very relative term). I will not drop my n800 in the garbage because there are newer devices too. So thank you.

The efforts of all who try to keep the older platforms moving forward is greatly appreciated here.

The scale of the task of building/rebuilding an entire OS (mer) from scratch seemed to be missed by quite a few people here who then got very frustrated at lack of progress. That does not represent the view of everybody.

Nokia saw the enormity of backporting and has now backheeled to the community twice (Maemo5 to N8x0 and Meego to N900) because they cannot spare the resource. Anything the community can generate has to be seen as a near miracle in that context.

If Meego is dualbootable, and will coexist happily with Maemo4 then I will happily install and test (which is unfortunately the most skilled I can offer).

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