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There is also the Chen's Livermorium phone currently under development, but we don't know yet if it will support Sailfish. I'm optimistic (and hope) that someone from the community will come up with a community port, but it's hard to guarantee since there may be hardware issues for that (I have no idea, I'm not a coder), and above all I hope Jolla will eventually offer official support as they plan it for the Gemini. There is no way to know for sure, but this phone certainly is a good candidate considering what Chen thinks about mainstream OSes and his nostalgia for Maemo/Meego/Sailfish, now that does not mean that supporting Sailfish will be possible.

According to Chen's old posts in the corresponding thread, it should be smaller than a Gemini and designed for thumb typing (but it should still be a somewhat large phone for those whose standard HWKB phone is the N900 or the N950, since Chen said he was going for a bigger screen).

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