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I am looking with some help to modify or create a program like eCoach that is able to track your path/position on a map. I want to use it for off road mountain biking, I am very curious to see what my path looks like on a map and to see how far/fast and how long it took.

I think eCoach already has all that built in, but with one major problem. It seems the program only works if you have an always on data connection. I do not have 3g service available for my N900 and wont pay $15 a month for 2g service that I will never use (99% of the time for me I am in a wifi zone).

So I think all that really needs to be done is one of two things.

Option 1 - have an application that can download your map data ahead of time and pull it off the phone memory rather than download it.

Option 2 - let the program run all the gps data for tracking/time/distance/speed and not have it overlay on a map. This gets recorded to the phone and later when you are in a internet enabled spot you can open that data and apply it to a map.

Even better if you can export the final product, with the image and data to some kind of file and save it on a computer.