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if you use wifi switcher and if you switch off there will be a disable icon close to battery bar.... and im really impressed with your icon pack all i can say is your a GURU, coz you made all icons perfect specially online icons status its so cute..... so far this is the best icon pack i have seen on maemo org. thanks for such professional icon pakc and work as well, hope you make this icon pack more professional.
Thanks a lot! Although i made it available for Maemo the real credit should go to the original author Alecive87 down at deviantart.

I have a problem though.. the DtG icon.. i do not use it myself. I have made one for the installer but am not sure if that is the same it will used as installed. So if you could help me? Then open your terminal and write:

1. sudo gainroot
2. cat /var/lib/dpkg/info/docstogo.list
3. copy the output here.

I have finished the other icons you mentioned which will be available in the next update.
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