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It's about the same in my estimation. You'll have to install via a third party App Store - Amazon isn't half bad, there's plenty of others or side load everything. The stock browser isn't all bad - better options do exist.

The built in terminal and ability to install command line utilities like Nano is a plus for Sailfish.

What do you want to do? That helps anybody in answering you.
Yes, it's a bit like asking "is green better than yellow?". If you're only looking for android app compatibility, android is obviously the system they are designed for.

Edit: Whoops, submitted the post too early somehow. So:
Having installed Lineage on an old tablet today, I must say it's quite good, I just feel more comfortable around a more "linuxy" system. You can actually activate a local terminal in the developer options, but for me it's missing the nice bits like package manager and most gnu tools.
slumber: sensors enabled sleep timer for SFOS (translations/input/ appreciated if you've got some spare time)
talefish: directory based audiobook player for SFOS
nofono: ofono restart for SFOS
list of i486/noarch packages on openrepos (jolla tablet)

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