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It's about the same in my estimation. You'll have to install via a third party App Store - Amazon isn't half bad, there's plenty of others or side load everything. The stock browser isn't all bad - better options do exist.

The built in terminal and ability to install command line utilities like Nano is a plus for Sailfish.

What do you want to do? That helps anybody in answering you.
since android (without gapps) is completely open source and sailfish is not and since sailfish is based on android drivers i think logically makes android better than sailfish. its just what i think which may be untrue. i dont know how secure sailfish is interms of spying and safety, i have used sailfish for months but i am still strange to the command line utilities, weird ui design principles, look there is black everywhere.
i am just trying to compare these two because i am finding android to be usable now (using extended aosp 7.1.1, redmi 2 prime) and my experience with android is pretty much ok but it was worse back in the day.
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