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since android (without gapps) is completely open source and sailfish is not and since sailfish is based on android drivers i think logically makes android better than sailfish.
Just as @velox said it is like comparing green vs yellow; the systems are just different.

The fact that "sailfish is based on android drivers" does not mean anything in this context; it is just a layer of software. There is no overhead really since libhybris is just stateful translation layer.

You cannot somehow judge it worse or better than android unless you specify what is the quality you are comparing, it is like saying that a fireplace is better than a bicycle. With a fireplace you can warm your room but with a bicycle you can ride to town. totally different things, you cannot use the other for a thing natural to the other.

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i dont know how secure sailfish is interms of spying and safety, i have used sailfish for months but i am still strange to the command line utilities, weird ui design principles, look there is black everywhere.
There is no "universally secure" system, all safety and security is down to the user really. Devices have different approaches and different goals to what is considered safe, but then again you need to assess your own needs and only after you can describe what is "secure" to you you can reliably compare different software environments regarding those requirements.

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i am just trying to compare these two because i am finding android to be usable now (using extended aosp 7.1.1, redmi 2 prime) and my experience with android is pretty much ok but it was worse back in the day.
If you find android enough for you, then it is so for you; these matters are so subjective.

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And getting a pure gnu open source linux os on handheld (smartphone) is impossible, buying an android tablet with intel processor and flashing pure gnu linux on it is not (my next move).
This is what basically nullifies the thing in android-vs-sailfish argument that you first mention above; You say that "...since android (without gapps) is completely open source..." and obviously it is not since there are always the same binary drivers down in the guts oof the system
A mer-based open implementation like nemomobile is just as open as "android without gapps" and SFOS is just some UI-icing on top of that.
(granted, some of the UI-icing bits are closed but I am not that concerned about it, if you are you can replace those with similar open bits for all I care...)

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