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I'd like to report one issue I've had on my device as of a couple of updates ago (shortly around the time that the first beta build of Marble with offline routing was put up by earthwings on his server, and it was said that maps with MoNav routing daemon internal routing data would start to roll out soon after):

The Georgia map (the United States state "Georgia", not the country) always reports itself as needing an update every time I launch Marble. I currently have MoNav maps for almost every United States state installed, but this problem existed before, when I had at most a fifth of them (I've been slowly downloading them in alphabetical order, basically, over the span of a couple of weeks).

I've tried pressing the update button, waiting for the map to download, etc, multiple times. I've also tried leaving it alone between relaunches of Marble and/or rebood. I have not so far tested what happens if you "install" the map again over the install interface instead of update it through the update interface, or removing the map and then installing it, or manually deleting the Georgia MoNav map files through command-line, and then trying to install again. I tried briefly looking at the Marble site for info and didn't find any mention of such a bug, but it's quite likely I'm just not finding it.

- Edit -

To be very precise, after I update the map by using the updatUI button, it shows itself as no longer needing an update until I close Marble. But when I open Marble again, the update button for Georgia is clickable again.

I HAVE updated other maps through the this way, and they worked fine. I also believe that once very early on when this issue first appeared, Georgia's map actually updated when using the update UI, so it's not the actual UPDATE that's bugging out, it's Marble reporting that that map needs/has an update. - it just seems that wherever Marble(/MoNav?) stores its maps' update status, the value for Georgia has gotten stuck on 'update available'

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