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Looking to get some kind of compatibility list together for 8/16/32 gb cards that the N800 can read when partitioned (key word here) when placed in the internal slot.

After spending 2 days (total of 4 hours of my free time) racking my brains out as to why my 8gb PQI would not correctly install cloned OS I deemed it an HW issue and sure enough first try a 16gb A-data correctly worked (total time re-flash to re-config 15min's) so looking for input from all N800 supporters on what works and what does not.

Full size SD and microSD+adapters are fine. And it's pretty much been my experience anything 4gb and under seem to work fine in the internal slot from what I remember (please correct me if i'm wrong but the main focus here is 8+gb and higher) on the issues of microSD please provide the adapter your using also, I've seen super cheap ones and solid looking adapters (not sure if it has any relevance)