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This doesn't use Parazyd's Devuan image, this bootstraps a Devuan system from scratch, similar to what my DebiaN900 scripts do after changing the repository URL to Devuan's. I am planning an update to make Devuan and mainline Linux the default.

This guide seems to have a few redundant steps. Emdebian was discontinued several years ago and cross compilation is possible using standard Debian, Devuan, Ubuntu, etc. There's no need to pin systemd-sysv as it's not available in Devuan. It's probably not a good idea to pin udev. As far as I'm aware, Devuan Jessie uses udev and will do so until the vdev replacement is ready.
DebiaN900 - Native Debian on the N900. Deprecated in favour of Maemo Leste.

Mobile devices with mainline Linux support - Help needed with documentation.

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