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This doesn't use Parazyd's Devuan image, this bootstraps a Devuan system from scratch, similar to what my DebiaN900 scripts do after changing the repository URL to the Devuan's. I am planning an update to make Devuan and mainline Linux the default.
Right, it's not Parazyd's image.

This guide seems to have a few redundant steps. Emdebian was discontinued several years ago and cross compilation is possible using standard Debian, Devuan, Ubuntu, etc.
Kernel cross-compilation is possible by arm-none-eabi-gcc (I did it this way). But I did not find the crypt library there, which I used for re-compiling the system V init process. I did not find other toolchains in the Devuan mirrors. It is very possible I'm not aware of simpler steps.

There's no need to pin systemd-sysv as it's not available in Devuan.
It was already pinned in my debootstrapped image - I just left the pinning there.

It's probably not a good idea to pin udev. As far as I'm aware, Devuan Jessie uses udev and will do so until the vdev replacement is ready.
Yes, Devuan Jessie uses udev. But in the absence of an initrd, as in my case, the loopback lo device is not mounted before udev starts net.agent, which waits for lo and hangs the boot for 30 seconds, until it times out. Also udev is not needed for hotplug on the N900, right? That's why I did it this way. Using udev would be probably cleaner, but I think needs modifications of udev itself to avoid the boot delay.

Thanks for reading and for the useful comments!

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