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Actually Nokia N900 GPS does not need any server for getting GPS "lock". These servers ( etc and the service name is Assisted GPS or AGPS) are only used to accelerate getting the lock. GPS sattelites send position signals after every 12.5 minutes, so it takes maximum that time to get a GPS fix in the conditions that there is unobstructed view to the sky. Go to the open landscape an you should get the fix. If not, then... probably hardware failure...
No GPS with A-GPS needs the A-GPS. But, it will make the lock happen faster.
The mechanism is a bit complicated. Shortly, it downloads 'most recent information' from the area you are located, which it finds using GSM towers and triangulation. A lock will happen really fast, but a precise lock will happen far later, perhaps half an hour, when the GPS have recieved a complete set of data.

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