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Originally Posted by Fellfrosch View Post
Thanx for the new version, which works really nice. Great work. You should add a possibility for donations

Two things:
1. At least for me it still don't start from the icon.
2. When I'm setting language in the config.ini to de, just some parts in the settings are translated to German. The rest of the app stays in English. Is that by intend? On the desktop version everything is translated.
Fellfrosch, thanks for the feedback. I did fix the start from icon bug and tested it in my device by installing the 0.2 version rpm directly from local rpm file. I tried it now from openrepos by uninstalling my Stellarium first. I was surprised to see it installed first the 0.1 version and then immediately asked to upgrade to 0.2. I thought it should always install the latest available... EDIT: Found that I need to put the files in order... putting the latest on top will then install the latest first.

It seems I did upload some earlier 0.2 debug version to the repo before I fixed the "start from icon" bug...

I'll push there new version (0.3) soon to fix the issue as well as restore the locale settings as described next paragraph. (Maybe at the same time I can look into creating that donate button.)

Concerning the languages I did edit the default_config.ini file "sky_locale" and "app_locale" from "system" to "en_US" when I first started to troubleshoot various issues, locales being one of them... I forgot to change those back. On next 0.3 update I'll reset those back to original. (On the other hand I still see some errors in debug logs with locales so there may be some more work to do for future versions...)

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