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Thank you very much for your detailed reply

Thank you too to everyone who has posted up the methods to fix this previously!

It got to the point that:
I can't send SMS messages
I can't send MMS
Call Logs aren't updated
I can't enter new calendar entries
I can't amend old calendar entries
I can take pictures but I can't view pictures
File Manager says I have no directories
Application Manager says I have no catalogues
I can't uninstall applications because Application Manager says I have no catalogues
Hildon crashed and seemed to not reload on reboot

Basically it turned into an internet tablet which I could make and receive calls, and that was it! lol

So, in the end I gave up and have reflashed it tonight.

I reflashed to PR1.2 because that is what I was running and, mainly, because I like the way the internet works using it (I use a lot of internet ) and I understand PR1.3 changes things with regards to the back-arrow / left-swipe setup, which would annoy me! I understand PR1.3 may make things quicker, though, so I'm not saying I won't reflash in the future...

I backed everything I could up using PC Suite and I also used the phone in Mass Storage Device mode and dragged-and-dropped from the folders into a folder on my computer (just in case). Then, once I had reflashed, I either dragged and dropped back onto the phone using Windows Explorer or PC Suite, or re-installed from the on-device Backup file.

It seems to have worked so far - I think I have kept everything bar a couple of weeks of Calendar entries, from what I can see, so hopefully all will go smoothly...

I can't see where Messages are backed up on PC Suite, that is my only real issue, but after not appearing at first they are now back, so I am happy

Thank you again, everyone, for a great community!

Let's hope I don't download anything dodgy from the development catalogues this time... lol

EDIT 2011.10.03:
I have checked properly and I think I have lost all my additional calendars that I set up, losing all the entries in them I will have to see if I have them backed up on the Computer / PC Suite!

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