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Amazon UK is listing them at 317, which is a price (for a spec) that I am far more comfortable handing over to sony then I ever could have been handing over to Jolla for the J1.

The difference in spec/quality is day and night!

Just want to know if there will in fact be SFOS pre-loads available for sale, or, whether it's simply a case of buy a stock Xperia X and have a (relatively) easy time loading on the officially supported image....?
Yeah, they're pricey (for the spec), but they're leaps and bounds more powerful and infinitely more available than Jolla 1/2. Plus they're 64-bit. If I had to guess from context in the announcement, I'd say that you can buy an Xperia X and flash the official port on it once it becomes available... and LATER, I can pretty much guarantee Jolla will release a 3rd phone that is manufactured by Sony - with a few customizations. Namely, preloaded Sailfish and Jolla/Sailfish/Sony branding.

It's what makes the most sense to me.
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