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Originally Posted by Texrat View Post they'll pay for the monster they're creating, too. Maybe even drag the rest of us in with them eventually... kicking and screaming.
By now, it's a known fact that (some) people will pay for what they think is quality software, games and functionality. Whether or not it's "quality" is up to each user; but they will pay.

I mean, I'd love to see somebody tack on forward-camera usability into Skype. Won't happen... why? Ironically the most open source platform has an app that's closed source and can't be appended upon. And if I'm wrong, which when I talk is always a possibility, why hasn't it happened yet?

Because it's not desirable? Pfft. Apple's 4G prototype has a forward facing camera. As do the Dell Mini 5/7 inch tablets. I bet they'll use it.

Bring on the functionality. I've donated time, testing and even money before. But not to a platform that I'm this uncertain of its future though.

Thus... the communication from Nokia. Still lacking.
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