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I have no log about the app. not even a AppMsgManager::handleAppLaunchMessage:293 (which seem to be the log when an app is started succefully).

I think it is a problem which occurs during the upload of the app, however after trying to install an app on the watch, I have no error. The installation end with the messages :
UploadManager::handlePushBytesMessage:315 - upload 2 succesful, invoking callback
AppManager::handleAppFetchMessage:148 - resource file uploaded successfully

But, next to the install, on the watch I have an empty screen with a white dot at the middle. I can leave this screen only by pushing the back button 5 sec. After that, when I try to start the app, nothing happen, there is still the menu screen, however I can'tmove inside. I have to push 5 sec he back button in order to be really back in the menu.

This problem happens only with the new apps. With the old ones, with no colors, there is no problem. My watch is a PTS, with the firmware 3.4.

Thank you.
Thanks for the investigation. I can only assume that the unzip method doesn't work for these newer apps, but I'm not sure if I can test these as I'm still on a pebble classic. Could you remove those broken apps and try the 'SideloadApp' method in DBus which will use the same code as RockWork uses for installation. Download the pbw and do:

qdbus org.rockwork /org/rockwork/B0_B4_48_80_B9_87 org.rockwork.Pebble.SideloadApp /full/path/to/file.pbw

And see if the daemon does anything extra that might make it work.

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