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Like @kelifu, I am getting a used n9 (fingers crossed it's legit and functional). I have been using nokia 603 so I am familiar with symbian and understand that the n9 is no iphone. My question involves data consumption, resurrection, and app suggestions.

Symbian is wonderful if only for its minimal data usage--my bill is <20$ every month for all my needs with left over data! Hypothetically, with all the same apps and their usage, would n9's meego consume significantly more data than 603's symbian?

EDITED: Got N9, it's fine, but I want to make it finer. I have three issues: 1) Does not vibrate on new messages, 2) Does not send or receive MMS, and 3) Maps and Drive doesn't seem to work.

I have played with sounds and vibrations under settings but still it is not as simple as symbian's vibrating alert toggle. Of course I have toggled vibration profile on ringing and beep, but what does that even mean? It doesn't vibrate on messages nor calls. What does it vibrate for and how do I get it to vibrate for the aforementioned?

Applications->messages->multimedia message center is set on automatic. I can send and receive sms but not mms, what's up with that? I use a Tmobile mvno, internet, sms, and calling works fine, so I doubt the problem is my service. A minor and I suspect insignificant detail is that I used N9QTweak to make messages have a black background, tweak R.

Maps is screwy in that it can pick up my location fin but the map doesn't fully load. I installed my state's map so this shouldn't be the problem. I used N9QTweak to change server from to Has anyone had this problem, specifically when you zoom in, at some point the map goes blank, but when you zoom out enough, roads start to show?

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