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Some time ago I was looking for some newer Android smartphone with hardware keyboard (with SailfishOS porting in mind).

After few weeks of thoughts and analysis I decided finally to Motorola Droid 4 due to:
* SIM slot by default (unlike Photon Q)
* better 3G support in Europe (UMTS900 is not available in Photon Q)
* quite good support of CyanogenMod
* FM radio
* easier available in Poland than Photon Q
* Safestrap allows to have more than one ROM installed at once so the device might be used as a daily driver and to development/porting at the same time

I am also interested in porting (or at least some testing) Sailfish OS for Droid 4.
Unfortunately, I suppose I haven't got enough knowledge/skills to do it on my own. But I've got a plan to try.

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