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Regarding the no charging with an empty battery:

I recently purchased an N9 from a fellow TMOer. I has a dual boot of Harmattan and Sailfish, I am not sure if that is in any way related. But... I do not use it and often forget about it for days and - you've guessed it - the battery goes completely empty. Needless to say, it does not charge afterwards.

So what do I do? Kick off the flasher to charge it again?

No. I plug in the charger. The indicator LED goes dim white for a few seconds, then off again. That's it. Device dead. I unplug the charger and plug it in again. The whole thing repeats. After a few dozen cycles like that, the charging eventually starts in earnest. The downside is that it can take half a day.

I have no proof other than this anecdotal experience but my assumption is the battery is being charged for those few seconds while the LED is on. Then the kernel (or something else, I do not know or care) finds out that the battery level is too low and cuts off. Restarting the cycle enough times boosts the battery enough for the cut off to not take place.

I plan to make a charging device that disconnects and reconnects the power automatically when the current drops to zero
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