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re kickstarter: when this started, kickstarter didn't allow non-US bank account, and generally kickstarter isn't really for the type of project we had here, it works best when you already got a working prototype. It's expensive too, particularly when you're opting for the method#2 that would better suit our needs. And the deadline on kickstarter is absolutely contraproductive since we reached that deadline during 3 days without them. we might do kickstarter for a seconf batch, and/or for STEP2 in 201(6/7) ;-)

mini update:
N900 sourcing: I have an option to source a 450 now. We RSN need to collect the needed funds to do this sourcing (150 bucks per N900, which leaves some headroom for 'unforeseen' expenses like import tax and VAT which we might have to pay for now and maybe can get refunded later when we sell that stuff again). After those N900 are ordered, there won't be a guarantee that further cases/mechpart-kits can be sourced later on for late orders - this is an early warning about one half of the preorder timespan window closing.
risk parts sourcing: We need to source several risk parts like e.g. the 1GB RAM (+ NAND) PoP chips now. for that we need funds. so we ask every one of our customers to increase their <300EUR down payment (formerly called 'donation') to at least 300EUR (plus the above mentioned amount for N900 when you want a complete case).
In this context,
webshop: since one day I'm looking into PrestaShop for our order management/webshop - dolibarr turned out to lack the functions we need most: a way our customers can log in and check/edit their order, e.g. to (un)tick the "N900 mech parts" option needed for full device so we know how many N900 to source, the type of modem you want, etc. I hope we'll get that webshop thing sorted soon, it's the main roadblock to kick off the fundraiser for the N900 and risk parts sourcing. Any help appreciated :-)


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