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..... so we ask every one of our customers to increase their <300EUR down payment (formerly called 'donation') to at least 300EUR (plus the above mentioned amount for N900 when you want a complete case). ....
I'm REEALLLYY ready for this! So I went ahead and bumped my payment by another 200 eur, this brings me to 400 eur! Not sure this is how you want it ... but too late

I only need the board so the extra money should be used to help get to the next step. If you want to refund it if you have a surplus great, if you want to keep it for the teams time and hard work groovy, but that it for me no more money (for now till I can watch video's of working boards)

I'm believing in you (the team) with my hard earned money and I'm happy to show my support. So lets get this party started.


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