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Thanks for the positive feedback everyone, appreciated :-)

@gsever; Yes, that's possible. Note that you need both one or more offline routing maps (downloadable by country in the configuration dialog of monav in the routing dialog) and the map tiles. They can be downloaded using the "Download Region" dialog. It allows to download either a rectangular region (visible map region) or tiles along the route.

Maps are downloaded to /home/user/MyDocs/.local/share/marble/maps/
We have plans to share the OpenStreetMap tiles downloaded with other applications by reusing the /home/user/MyDocs/.maps/ directory. This may already be doable manually if you use ext4 for the flash memory and create an appropriate symlink in /home/user/MyDocs/.local/share/marble/maps/earth/openstreetmap => /home/user/MyDocs/.maps/OpenStreetMap I.
Thanks for the response earthwings.

I was wondering if full continent data be loaded through say for offline use. Where does monav fetch the data from? I might do manual or wget based download to get the whole US routing data instead of selecting state by state --which 50 is a big number for a manual operation