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Continuing on the off-topic... and trying to be positive about France
I actually use a mobile bank website with no issue.
@wolda Cheques are disappearing rapidly so there are accepted less and less, and banks are doing their best to accelerate even further their disappearance. So do not expect to receive good service for them ;-)
Reimbursing in France often happens through bank transfer or via payment card or any web-based system (paypal...)... Train tickets in France and the SNCF is a big subject that would need tons of text but let's say that not all French are proud of the way they work ;-)

Plus some comments
- most of the use is possible on a mobile browser, if not all, I mean technically and also in practice, I tend to do most stuff I want through the mobile version (French bank).
- if you need something more tricky, you probably have access somewhere to a desktop in the course of the day, and you can probably wait until you do have access to your desktop. And you know what, this is even possible to access the desktop version on a mobile :P
- if you use apps, you tend to help them justify that everybody use apps so why develop the web version. While I could, I tend to avoid as much as possible using apps, especially for services like banking.
- some justification I read on using apps like not entering password & username... Username & password are stored for me so this is a one-button-click to access to my bank account (there are other securities for sensitive actions). Are people that lazy to be so tired about clicking on a button? Adding a beneficiary is also possible with my bank through the mobile version (how often do you do that anyway...).
- I also have a sort of web bank account (revolut) and I need an app (this is a regret). I do not see the gain, really.

I see very limited justification for using an app (except those sort of bankid system that seem to exist elsewhere).
Developers are lazy and firms are lazy (I know it is not only laziness). Why do you think they would develop mobile version if nobody are using them. Do you want to be dependent on the fact that they develop a native version for all systems that you use? Because the next stop is that you must use an app and that the desktop version is also abandoned.
I see the same trend for other services like transport information services where the mobile version are less and less developed because people are using apps. When there are open API, that is ok but then that is not so always the case...

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