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Originally Posted by marmistrz View Post

Maemeque interface on Android is NOT the way to go. I don't want a crippled OS.

The way to go is to run a real Linux distro (e.g. Debian/Gentoo) on some device. Need Haskell? Apt-get it. Need OCaml? Need Brain****? Need a fully fledged source code editor or a modern CAS? It's there for you to install (Debian) or compile from source (Gentoo)
Bad examples, much like the performance requirement above.

For example, you can run apt-get install on a chroot on top on Android. I use emerge on my Jolla.

(In fact, I use a RPI2 to build Gentoo binary packages for the Jolla. Anything graphical is painful though, but that's mostly because almost no one uses Gentoo for ARM).

And also as in the previous case, the only thing I can thing that won't work is "host integration", i.e. installing NetworkManager on the chroot will not replace the host's network manager. But other than freaks like me, who may want that?

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