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Yeap, the testing queue is stuck. The queue is now a popularity contest as I was afraid in fall. It is hard to say what people have actually tested, and I think only few have used QA checklist. Plus the website needs some work. Also I think that testing queue shouldn't be a place where software is brought to find out what bugs there is, software should be release quality and testing queue is for acceptance testing only. If a feature does not work, disable it and release when it is ready.

As I understand the medicine is to:
1) Retain discussion history for a package
2) For new versions there should be changelog
3) Automatically test as many things as possible on the checklist
2) Those not automatically tested should be tested atleast by one tester
4) Functionality should be tested by more than one person. I would still keep 10 people as acceptance level for now
5) Thumb down should be accompanied by a bug report

When this system would work, then would be a time to fine-tune:
- How to make bugfix releases go through the system faster?
- How to clean up the queue from stuff which is not going through?
- How many testers is right amount to make certain that functionality is ok?

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