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I guess we could go for this if at the same time it is agreed that packages can be pulled from Extras back to Extras-testing if problems arise later on.

That is another problem. Packages were pulled only when there were serious problems floating and after contacting personally the maintainers. The Load applet for instance is still there, even if the bug is evident. Still, the responsibility of pull it off (or even ask for it) is not defined and there you have still the app getting more downloads and confusing more users.

And don't get me wrong, I don't blame the developers! Bugs happen, problems happen. This is not about being harder in order to try to prevent problem, but about being more flexible so the problems can be dealt easily when they come.
I think the quarantine is useful, for instances like the load applet, where the thorough testers can shout: "hey I realize this has enough votes but issue X needs to be resolved in some way before this goes to extras"

Since current voting system seems to lend itself more towards a popularity contest as others have said, perhaps the quarantine period could be used as final acceptance testing by 'official' testers?

I agree that a well defined process for removing a package from extras would be beneficial, but I'm not sure that alone is enough to reduce the quarantine time.

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