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Originally Posted by reinob View Post
doesn't android require a not-really-linux kernel? (or am I still living in the past?)
Android uses a fork of the Linux kernel. It's still very much a Linux kernel and many of their changes have been accepted upstream so things have improved in this regard. Of course the N900 kernel (stock and power) are too old and do not include these upstream changes but freemangordon, pali and others have recent kernels booting on the N900 (not yet complete) so this would be a good starting point for running Android and should require fewer patches.

Originally Posted by DDark View Post
Maybe it's better to run it inside VM. I heard that Xen got ARM support.
Xen on ARM is still experimental but you can forget about running a Xen VM of Android on the N900 with only 256MB RAM.

Originally Posted by lexik View Post
how?: first of all we need chrooted Android (NITDroid probably, or some "cropped" version of it) and running Dalvik. Then?
A more elegant option than your bog-standard chroot would be to use LXC (which has been described as a "chroot on steroids"). LXC "boots" the OS inside the chroot so you're more likely to have an environment that resembles a normal Android system. Your normal chroot would require many hacks to provide host OS (Maemo) components in the Android chroot. LXC already has ways of taking care of this. There has already been some success in running Android under LXC, but as the blog post says, "it really depends on what you want to do with it".

Originally Posted by Hurrian View Post
This is exactly what you want to do.

Some talking points:
  • There is already an Android kernel adaptation for N900
  • Fremantle uses GTK
  • You can do exactly what he did, on ARM
This is an interesting possibility. Perhaps this can be used in combination with LXC to display the Android container in a Maemo window.

Originally Posted by marmistrz View Post
If you need an Android-kernel on which no Linux will run, then how can you run Android apps on Jolla?
The Jolla device uses an Android kernel which is why it suffers from crippled static power management.
DebiaN900 - Native Debian on the N900. Deprecated in favour of Maemo Leste.

Mobile devices with mainline Linux support - Help needed with documentation.

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