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I got my V820W V5 a couple of weeks back but only now have had some time to toy with it.

With the automatic installer from the first post I got Sailfish on the tablet yesterday - only needed to comment out the Russian locale (maybe worth a mention in the first post?)

Ironically, site was down at the time so I wasn't able then to update to using TheKit's instructions on page 9, so I tried the tablet as it was. Due to a bunch of little annoyances I was a bit disappointed (had trouble with the wifi, the system time wouldn't update neither could be set correctly, ambience setting would reset after boot etc). Today, I could finally run all the commands to update to (Some files were not found in the Jolla repository and I had to choose 'ignore' 3-4 times near the end but it didn't seem to hinder anything.)

After the boot... color me impressed! Using the tablet feels pretty sweet even though the sound is not working (which was expected). I'm not claiming that everything else works 100% as I've not used it that much yet, but I haven't really found a reason to complain, either. For roughly 80 euros the tablet already seems like a more than adequate substitute for a real Jolla Tablet where I'm concerned... others may have different opinions, of course.
Great work TheKit!

I did update the tablet's BIOS in hopes of maybe getting the sound to work as I read somewhere that this update will fix it for Android. No such luck with Sailfish.

Another thing I haven't been able to do is install Linux on the tablet. I've tried with different versions of Linux Mint but the display keeps staying blank after boot despite tries with different parameters e.g. 'i915.modeset=0', 'nomodeset', 'grub_gfxmode=1280x800x24', 'acpi_osi=Linux', 'i915.broken=1 i915.alse_backlight=1' etc.

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