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Originally Posted by Dave999 View Post
Galaxy note lll is the way to go. Wait for it...unless a keyboard device appears along the way. If you don't like it, get Note ll and you still get a great Penn.
Hmm just doesn't seem a good match except for the notetaking aspect. Too big for my taste but i'll see if i can find a friend that has one and give it a try.

Originally Posted by Hariainm View Post
As a former N900 user and current N9 user, have to say you will never get the speed and precision a HWKB can provide you. Almost two years with my N9 and I still miss the keyboard. This and the browser experience.

PD: And i tried several several on-screen keyboards and different phones.
Yet there are almost no HWKB phones these days. I find that very strange.

I think I'm going to pick up a used mytouch 4g slide on ebay and try it out. For around $100 it's a much less expensive option than the BB Q10 and there's a hacker community (such as it is) and custom builds for it on xda developers that bring the latest Android to it. Even though it's two years old, coming from the N900, the hardware is going to seem amazing. It also had a pretty good camera for its time.

Worst case, i have a cheap backup phone with a keyboard that i don't like much.

Unofficial PR1.3/Meego 1.1 FAQ

Classic example of arbitrary Nokia decision making. Couldn't just fallback to the no brainer of tagging with lat/lon if network isn't accessible, could you Nokia?
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