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I just stumbled upon this.
But in another context, so here is my story:
wanted to make some video(s), but got always on pressing the cam button 'operation failed' and UI closed. A broken very small mp4 file was created and dmsg showed smth like 'failed to load create node 0x80008003'. Pictures were taken normally, so camera itself (and its drivers) were working. That led me to 720p and a bit of research showed this and that. Also playing some mp4 did not work in media player.

Solution was/is to just reinstall the codecs (I did reinstall all three 720p deb files). Thanks to freemangordon!

P.S.: reason I post here is I wanted to tell you why this showed up: in decembre my N900 suffered from 'all telephony disabled' and I had to switch to my desk replacement one. Using backupmenu and all went fine.
But it seems something went south as recording/playing worked on my former one.
(also bluetooth settings went away, all coupled/trusted devices)
So using backupmenu does NOT guarantee a 100% solution, it seems.
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