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The demo is neat! I remember something like that for GNOME desktop (with mouse as input pointer device though). Imagine the GNOME logo in the middle of the screen. Above each toe of the foot was a marble, each with a different colour. Each colour represented a different task e.g. Menu. It was also possible to move the GNOME foot to a screen corner. It'd then be a 1/4th sun with again 5 marbles each with different colour. Compiz also uses screen corners, as does Carman. Its a useful way to allow the user to communicate with a touchscreen. And IIRC I saw something like this in Enlightenment too. But I don't remember being able or having to grab the thing out of the corner to see its full glory and/or having to execute tasks. Imagine in the corner it allows you to execute the most common tasks while when dragged to middle you get all the possibilities. Very interesting and exciting!
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