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Phone = device that lets you call people, technology doesn't matter

Mobile phone = device that lets you call people from almost anywhere, technology doesn't matter

We're never going to stop calling each other, so phones are never going to be obsolete.

Maybe the original poster meant commercial wireless networks, but those too have no obvious replacement. How am I going to make a call from the middle of nowhere if a company hasn't been paid to put up a phone mast?

I don't mind paying a company if they've earned it, and being able to make a phone call from a car that has broken down twenty miles from the nearest town makes me think the phone company has definitely earned my money. I don't think we're going to see free hotspots covering motorways any time soon.

Having said all that, there are things that phone companies should be banned from doing: phone locking should be banned for example, it serves absolutely no purpose other than to decrease competition and restrict what a customer can do with their purchase. Finland banned phone locking until very recently, and that resulted in better, cheaper phone service with almost no restrictions on hardware.

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