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I couldn't find one, so I decided to make my own. Saera can do some tasks (such as setting alarms etc) and make some conversation, although not very well (might someone be interested in helping with the A.I.?)
Saera uses Pocketsphinx for voice recognition, eSpeak to talk and PyGTK for the GUI.

To install, you will need these packages:
What Saera can do right now:
  • tell you the time, both where you are and in a few major cities (more will be added)
  • greet you
  • Verify she's working, if you say "testing"
  • Take a picture, if the lens cover is open and the camera app isn't
  • Take a picture of you with the front camera
  • tell you the meaning of life, the universe and everything
  • tell you random facts about the N900
  • call a phone number (buggy)
  • tell you where you are if you're lost
  • search for food near you
  • read you new emails as they come in
  • set alarms (note that I haven't got them to boot the device if it's off yet)
  • play and pause music (although you can't play a song by name yet - that will come.)

Edit [2015-07-19 4:16 pm]: Added support for Sailfish OS.

Edit [2012-12-31 2:28 pm]: Added support for N9/N950.

Edit [2012-06-16 11:55 pm]: Initial support for answering in other languages.

Edit [2012-06-11 3:14 pm]: Improved recognition accuracy

Edit: Latest source files attached.

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