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This is a testing version port of SailfishOS to Motorola Droid 4 (maserati), based on CyanogenMod 11.0.

What works:
  1. Graphics
  2. Sound
  3. Mobile data and calls
  4. Wi-Fi
  5. Camera (for taking photos/videos)
  6. Hardware keyboard

Known issues:
  1. [s]Video recording doesn't work yet[/s]
  2. Bluetooth discovery works, but no proper connection
  3. CDMA networks are completely untested and probably don't work
  4. No FM radio

It's intended to work with SafeStrap, due to device's non-unlockable bootloader. SailfishOS install/init scripts were modified to allow booting from secondary slots and safe rom slot.
  1. Boot to SafeStrap recovery and switch to the slot you want to use
  2. If it's not a new slot, please wipe data/system to avoid potential issues. [s]Don't install it to stock slot[/s]. Stock slot install is fixed now, but please be careful and have device fully charged.
  3. Flash
  4. Flash on top of it


Thanks to carepack, who initially started the port, and all the great people at #sailfishos-porters and SailfishOS community.

26.04.17 update:
New image with SailfishOS
  • A lot of small but troublesome issues mentioned in the topic fixed.
  • Video recording works now.

08.04.18 update: SailfishOS

There is no update path from older image yet, I'm still waiting for OBS to be set up for the device.

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