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Thanks for all your answers.

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Do you have particular reason why to disable IPv6?
As I said I don't understand it and if things tend to work better without something I don't understand, then I try to disable it.
Now just for one scenario I encountered : while being connected to a wlan which provided ipv6 addresses (which I didn't notice at first) I connected to my home network through vpn (ipv4 only) with all traffic being redirected through the vpn. But as I had an ipv6 address some traffic was going directly to the Internet (which was bad) and some (ipv4) through my vpn server. That was on my Debian laptop. Since then I completely disabled ipv6 on the laptop and would like to do the same on my N900 to not be in the same situation in the future.
Also ipv6 caused a lot of trouble on some webapps that I use on a Debian VM ; disabling ipv6 made all the trouble go away. So for me it is better to disable ipv6 than letting it active and try to debug a problem not knowing if ipv6 has something to do with it.

When I will not have a choice and have to use ipv6 in the future I will do my best to understand it, but it is not a priority for me right now.

Will try your /etc/event.d/disable_ipv6 script.