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All -
Many thanks for the content in this thread. However is there any chance someone is working on summarizing it for the Wiki?

My problem is that I rarely get to dedicate much continuous time to the task of getting my 810 to boot from external flash
(or any other task)
For instance yesterday I sat down to go thru steps 1-6,
and in this thread and this thread there are over 580 messages for the similar problem.

I got hung up at step 6, had to download it three times. Had to repair/diagnose two external hard drives for my daughter, cook several meals, vacuum, repair the network connections for the house (a wireless usb AP went down) redo the BT keyboard connection (took over 30 minutes), take out the trash, fix a door, finish grocery shopping, and all in almost random order, oh - and charge the tablet.
Then at post #288 I see new instructions for, and am wondering what else is in the other 579 posts.

So - if it's going to be "wikified" soon I'll wait rather than try to keep the posts organized in my brain.

Again - thanks greatly for at least letting me realize the possibilities.
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