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In court? Really? Why would a court need to be involved in internal business of a dwindling group of old geezers?
Because Council rules are included in the Maemo Community e.V. rules, and e.V. is a legal instrument.

It is really desirable to have a larger Council. Many think that council work can take a large chunk of their time. They are mistaken!

It may be that in the past, there was a lot that needed doing, etc. However, having served the current term, I can attest to the fact that there really isn't a lot of work now. Also even if something could come up now and then, it would most likely not be an issue needing immediate attention - meaning that it could be handled at another time.

Finally, of course Council is team work. Even if one is assigned to do something, and situations come up that mean he/she no longer has the time to do it, it could be delegated to someone else in council. All it would take is a brief notification via email or IRC

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