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Very quickly. Here I post the notes I've taken while having a quick look at the image:

binaries ARM EABI5 32-bit for Kernel 2.6.30
uses rpm, connman, wayland, sysvinit, ofono, pulseaudio, sshd, wpa_supplicant (dsme and ohm are also there)
WLAN module is bcm4329_falcon

base zypper repo:
(Meltemi Trunk)
also "Meltemi Injection" repo.

/bin/sh is /bin/bash
/boot is empty (separate partition probably)

/etc/issue says "MeeGo release 1.1.80 (MeeGo)"
/etc/meltemi-timestamp says image generated Dec 5th 2011


has (as QML apps, possibly dummies - maybe not, code seems to be in /opt/mt/)
angry birds, browser, calendar, camera, contacts, clock, facebook, e-mail, maps, radio, ovi music, skype, twitter, etc.

/opt/meltemi has some kind of half-SDK?
/opt/meltemi/armv7hl-meltemi-linux-gnueabi/kernel has 3x .mcusw flashable images (rm784 w/ and w/o WLAN as well as RX87)
each takes 20761Kb (~ 20MB)

also some (test, trailers) videos as well as music are there.

/usr/include is there
/var/cache/zypp/ has package descriptions from repos but no packages

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