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Hello. I have some trouble logging in to auth for getpebble... In fact, since I upgraded to my Sailfish X (and copied my files in .local/rockpoold from my previous jolla), I can't get any response from the webview.

When I touch the email text field or password text field, for instance from but also for some other watchface parameter pages, I get nothing.

I know getpebble account will be dead in june so it's not so bad... But I wonder if I have something amiss with my rockpool install, if it works for other people ? I should have the correct websocket version.

Too bad Pebble is discontinued, and we only get all these fitness watches without interesting apps
webview is fairly unreliable and broken on rockpool currently, thanks to newer qtwebkit etc. I change settings as needed by modifying the app.js etc on the phone's filesystem. Some stuff doesn't work at all, but luckily the watchfaces I'm using don't need them.

Also, re: pebble in general, you should check out rebbleOS. It is being actively developed, feel free to pop into the discussion on their discord server. It's coming along nicely, and seeks to replace that dead ecosystem fairly soon.

That said, I still use my original pebble steel daily with my xperia x, and I only have minor complaints. It doesn't have the vibrate bug on calls, and notifications seem to be reliable.
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