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Here is my first take on simplified import. I have compiled Import statically for Linux x86_64 and wrote a small script to assist while importing. This version supports ONLY PBF-formatted OpenStreetMap maps. You can get maps from

download the importer from

/link removed, see the next post/

uncompress the import tool and see included README.

This is a first try and I hope it works well. Please report back on how did it work and if there are any errors. I plan to drop it from dropbox in future and add the importer binaries to the releases at github. That way you will be able to get the importer corresponding to the release that you use.

Import tool was built using and "import" branch of libosmscout.

At present, only Linux on x86_64 architecture is provided. I don't know how to make similar build for Windows or Mac. If someone could chip in that would be of great help. Alternatively, Windows and Mac users could setup a virtual machine (VirtualBox, for example) with Linux and use it to import maps.

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