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I have been seeing a lot of activity on github for this project lately, this is great.
However, I noticed no new packages for Maemo in a while. I assumed maybe you where working on getting the QT5 version upto the same standard as GTK. I recall you mentioning this a while back.

Reading the thread back you are no longer setup for local building of the package so haven't pushed packages to the autobuilder.
Is there anyway the community can help get these releases to Maemo?

I propose that if there are no major issues with 0.53.1 over 0.43.4, I don't recall any, that the current version is promoted to Extras (promotion is unlocked). That way going forward you could release to Extras-Devel with minimal testing.
That repo is for development builds after all, we should be using it for it's intended purpose.

I am not sure if there is much to benefit from the current build over the ones I have (0.53.1), but assume it's still the same as before that I can download the latest tarball and run it directly for both desktop and N900?
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