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pyRadio is a python2.5-qt4 (PyQt4) implementation of Pandora Radio. Audio runs through MAFW for N900 or OSSO for Diablo (N810/N800).

Looks like pyPianobar??

Yes it does! This is an evolution from pyPianobar which is a front end for the command line application pianobar. spbogie developed an all-python implementation of communicating with Pandora Radio directly. I have borrowed that code, and extended it to include additional features. I then took pyPianobar and merged it making an all-python, native application that is no longer a front-end for anything.

This is no longer a "hack" for Pandora, but a true all-encompassing application.

  • Login to Pandora via username/password popup. Saved so you only need to enter it once.
  • Skip Songs
  • Play/Pause
  • Change Stations
  • "Like" songs
  • "Hate" songs
  • Display Title, Artist, and Album
  • Display album art
  • Create & Delete stations
  • Snooze
  • Mark songs "Tired"
  • Enable FM Transmitter
  • Integrate with current theme colors
  • Pandora One increased audio quality support!
  • Auto-pause when making or receiving phone calls

Known Issues:
  • 6 hours+ play will likely fail.

  1. Extras-Devel

Why Python??

Simplicity. Using the same package, we should be able to run this on our Maemo 5, and future Harmattan/MeeGo and full MeeGo devices.


Don't forget to update to Pandora One. Higher quality audio works now in pyRadio!

Special thanks goes to Thorprime and YoDude for the interface. Also, thanks to everyone that has supported and helped pyPianobar grow! This was the obvious evolution of that as it was always a hack and we can now extend it further than we could before.

If I've helped you or you use any of my packages feel free to help me out.
pyRadio - Pandora Radio on your N900, N810 or N800!

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